Help us restore, protect and preserve our Bays for Ourselves, Our children, and future generations to come

Apalachicola Bay, St Joseph Bay, and the Lake Wimico Watershed

BAYSAVERS is a nonpolitical, practical minded collection of individuals who care deeply about the environmental and economic future of our unique part of Florida, specifically  Apalachicola Bay, St. Joseph Bay, St. Andrews Bay and the Lake Wimico Watershed ecosystem that connects them.

The primary focus of BAYSAVERS is the restoration of Apalachicola Bay,  St. Joseph Bay,  St. Andrews Bay and the Lake Wimico Watershed to their pre-industrial state, before man connected the once pristine freshwater ecosystems of Lake Wimico and its 75,000 acre drainage basin to the saline environments of St. Joe Bay and St. Andrews Bay. We are especially concerned about the damages that increased salinization and sedimentation are causing to these diverse but connected environments. 

About Our Cause