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BAYSAVERS is a non-profit organization. Our primary focus  is the restoration of Apalachicola Bay,  St. Joseph Bay, and the Lake Wimico Watershed that connects them to their pre-industrial state, before man connected the once pristine freshwater ecosystems of Lake Wimico and its 75,000 acre drainage basin to the saline environments of St. Joe Bay.  Our goal is the restoration, protection and preservation of   Apalachicola Bay, St. Joe Bay, Lake Wimico and their connecting adjacent waters.

Please Join Us!  We are looking for volunteers to help spread the word.  We also have specific needs for engineers, graphic artists, public speakers, and many other specific tasks that will be required as we move forward with this project.  If you are a person of action, please join our cause!

Donations to BAYSAVERS are  not tax deductable.  Donations to the effort can be sent as a written check to:                                             

115 Allen Memorial Way
Port St. Joe, FL 32456


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